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Tourist Visa Assistance

It is always one’s dream to travel and explore the world. Certainly each country has its own comprehensive set of rules and immigration policies. One must possess a tourist visa or Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) to travel freely and safely. The hurdle lies in the process of getting a tourist visa in the first place.

The procedure of getting a tourist visa primarily involves an interview with the embassy of the country you want to travel to. There is a chance that even after managing to clear the interview, your application may not be processed and you have to consistently convince the immigration officer about your reason to visit and provide enough documentation and reasoning to assure that your return will be within the time granted.

This process can be grueling and there is a chance that even after clearing all the demands, you may not be granted the visa. Therefore, Global Strides ensures that the visa process is made smooth, firstly by ensuring that the required documentation is present and authentic. Our counselors will prepare you for the interview and letting you know about the type of questions asked, so that it becomes easier for you to get your application approved.

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