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This island is a global education hub which has metamorphosed into a bustling hub, provides world-class facilities with respect to education, lifestyle and employment. With a stable economy and high quality of life, it has become the epicenter of world’s best educational institutions, particularly by partnering with renowned institutions from America. With most of the courses being taught in English, it is one of the most sought after nations for education, also taking into consideration its proximity with India. With liberal business policies and developed infrastructure, it continues to produce opportunities for those willing and competent enough to grab them. A major attraction besides its infrastructure is the safe environment and the intolerance for racism, overall making it a very comfortable country to live in.



Higher education facilities are provided by the following-

  1. Public Universities- Graduate Diplomas, Graduate Degrees, Master Degrees and Doctoral Programs are offered by the public universities.
  2. International Universities with their campus in Singapore-

These institutions have their campus in Singapore and offer international degrees for Bachelors (3-4 years) and Masters (12-16 months).

  1. Specialized Institutions – These institutions offer practice oriented courses.



Tuition fees-

Undergraduate Degree- It may range from 10,000SGD$ to 15,000SGD$ approximately
Postgraduate Degree- It may range from 20,000SGD$ to 30,000 SGD$ approximately.

Living Expenses-

They may vary depending on the student, but often range from 800SGD$ to 2000SGD$ per month.


Since different institutions commence their sessions on different dates, there are no fixed intake months.


These requirements vary, depending upon the course and the institution offering them.