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Pre Departure Briefing

We understand that leaving everything behind and starting afresh in a foreign land can be really daunting; therefore, in order to make that a little better, we ensure that our students get detailed pre-departure sessions so that it becomes comparatively easy for them to gel with the environment. We promote cross cultural sensitivity among our students to make them aware of other cultures and encourage them to become more accepting.


Our Pre-Landing Services-

  • Assist the client in assessment/ evaluation of their qualification from the professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration.
  • Advise Client on immigration laws in force and any subsequent changes thereof and advising on any subsequent conditions applicable to meet the selection criteria.
  • Provide Professional Guidance on his / her intended occupation in the destination country.
  • Provide basic information about the destination country.
  • Assist them in preparing resume as per international standard format as required by employers.
  • Global Strides pre-departure briefing encompasses various subjects a student must be acquainted with, to ensure that there is no trouble settling in a foreign university. It is an informative session where our experienced counselors shall guide you about various aspects required to adapt to a new country.
  • The briefing also mellows down the apprehension of various parents and allows them to engage with our experienced counselors. Student going to the same university, city or country are put in touch so as to provide support.. The briefing is an effort to prepare a student to adapt to the environment he/she will be exposed to when attending university overseas.

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