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About Us And Thought Behind Global Strides

The thought of leaving your family and friends and moving to another country by giving up on all the homely comforts isn’t as alien as it was before. The sheer idea of an international degree is attractive enough to convince you to leave everything behind and start a new life in a foreign land.

Wherein the dreams seem all fancy, the main conundrum arises when the student needs to choose a country, course and then a university, all in all, a very complicated and expensive process. That’s exactly where a guiding force like GLOBAL STRIDES flies in.

With the personalized attention we give to our students we ensure that quality is something we don’t compromise on. Each student application case is thoroughly understood, well researched upon and taken ahead in an ethical way. Assistance is necessary whilst choosing a course since it’s an investment of a lifetime that surely goes the right way when intertwined with the right piece of advice, therefore, our well-trained staff will assist you in university and course selection by giving special attention and end-to-end solutions. Once the course and institution that matches your profile is chosen and approved, we ensure that the application documents are dispatched on time and regular follow-ups are done, therefore, a very methodical approach to make the procedure less cumbersome and devoid of discrepancies.

Since it has become compulsory to show language proficiency proof for English, we also provide IELTS coaching to our students since this test can be a deal-breaker if not taken with utmost seriousness. Almost all the institutions take into consideration the IELTS score while choosing the right people for their organization/institution. Therefore, our study material is concise and accurate and based on the updated formats and is effectively taught by our experienced and well-trained staff. We believe in intelligent yet consistent working, hence, studying with us would guarantee you the desired score.

From the time you decide to get registered with us, your education and career becomes our responsibility, meanwhile, you focus on packing and unpacking, we’re always backing up for you. Our unrivaled service will surely make us your companions in success.

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