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Scholarship is a form of financial aid provided to the students to support their higher education. Usually the criteria of the awarding the scholarship depends on the beliefs of the donor or founder. Unlike education loans, scholarships don’t have to be repaid. The main idea is to provide financial assistance to students based upon a multitude of factors but keeping the goal of quality education in mind.

The amount granted as scholarship varies depending upon the institution, student and the category of scholarship.

They can be classified under the following heads-


Granted on the basis of academic, athletic, artistic or any other extra-curricular ability, these are usually awarded by various top universities in order to find meritorious students and give them an added advantage besides the quality of education.


This type of scholarship is granted usually on the basis of the financial background of the student. These usually provide assistance to the student to cover the education expenses. Academic profiles are considered as well but are given less importance, as the primary criterion is monetary strength of the student’s family.


Granted by taking race, gender, religion or medical issues into consideration, these scholarships usually are specifically for minority groups. The main idea behind this type is to uplift the minority and give them an opportunity to rise above in the society and have a promising future.

College Specific

Certain institutions have an area of expertise in which they carry out extensive research, therefore, scholarships are provided on the basis of certain factors such as academic and personal achievements and are highly competitive.

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