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It is extremely normal for students to be confused about the course and the country they’d want to study and settle in. It is very natural for a student to be in a state of confusion when it is time to finally take the big step.

Global Strides ensures that the entire process becomes easy by engaging the student in a conversation with our experienced counselors. They try to perform a SWOT analysis and take a look at the previous records and try to align the academic interests of the students along with a preferable study location.

Further, the visa application details can either be discussed over the phone or by simply walking in the office and discussing it in person, which is relatively a preferable option. The consultation will not only help you clear the various doubts regarding the process but also eliminate chances of any document related errors, which further increases the chances of acceptance of your visa application.

Certain clients are clueless about the procedure and require in-depth knowledge of the process and the requirements. Therefore, we help them with the same and ensure that the process runs smoothly, making maximum efforts to avoid rejection and re-submission of applications.



The world offers a plethora of opportunities to the students. An international degree is valued by potential employers, therefore, brightening the career prospects of the students. The following courses attract thousands of students every year-


  1. Accounting
  2. Architecture and built environment
  3. Design
  4. Digital media and marketing
  5. Engineering
  6. Civil/Construction
  7. Computer Science Engineering
  8. Electrical Engineering
  9. Electronics Engineering
  10. Electronics and telecommunication Engineering
  11. Information Technology Engineering
  12. Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics
  13. Finance
  14. Fashion
  15. Hospitality and Tourism
  16. Law
  17. Management Studies
    • Business and Management
    • Engineering Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • International Business Management
    • Master of Business Administration

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