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Geographically placed in the south of Turkey on an island in the Mediterranean sea, it’s a part of Asia but politically a European nation. Besides hosting beautiful beaches and fine sunny weather all year round, its surrounded by Asia to the east, Europe to the west and Africa to the south, which means multiculturalism at its best and booming tourism.

Despite being a European nation, it is fairly cheap and you won’t end up burning a hole in your pocket. The hospitality of the people in this nation won’t make you feel like you’re away from home, thereby, assuring you of a great time.



When compared to a European Nation, it is relatively very cheap. The tuition fee is affordable, offering university courses at as low as 3400-8000 EUR per annum.

Living costs depend on the location, and the pertaining lifestyle of the student. With educational institutions offering accommodation to students at a minimum of 150EUR a month, it becomes easier for international students to settle down.



Intake broadly depends on the course and the university one chooses but an academic year extends from September to December, which is the Autumn semester and from January to April, which is the Spring semester with intakes in both the semester to join a regular course.



With Greek and Turkish being the official languages, courses are also offered in English, for which one requires to submit a proof of English proficiency, which can either be TOEFL or IELTS.

The basic requirements need to be fulfilled by the submission of certain documents specified while applying through the official website of the concerned university.



International students from non EU countries are not permitted to work during their study in Cyprus. Although, certain course and training related exceptions are made by the government.