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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Country

As you make the decision to go to another country to study, it becomes essential to be well informed and conduct a thorough research; after all it concerns your future, primarily your financial stability and career under the same umbrella. Each country is different with respect to currency, climate, culture, law, political stability, education, socially; therefore, one must consider various options, compare viably and then reach a suitable conclusion.

Here are certain aspects one must always consider before making a decision-



With over a 100 countries in the world, one always narrows down to the top 10-15 countries that are pioneers in providing quality education and have consistently outperformed the rest by choosing the best and returning the favour by giving some of the best leaders to the world. What must be considered here is that each country and further each institution specializes in a certain field, where the research conducted is undeniably of the highest order and the best. Let us assume that a student wants to pursue MBA, The States has some of the leading business schools in the world, such as Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, MIT etc., and thereby USA becomes a dominating choice here.



Although one mustn’t sacrifice on the quality of education, one also must understand that everything including education comes at a cost and studying abroad is definitely not a cheap bargain, especially if you choose to go to a country that has a currency value higher than that of your home country. Conversion rates and conversion costs along with speculation and other economic factors should be taken into account. Along with the tuition fee, cost of living is also considered which is always high in metropolitan cities around the world. Even the idea of working as a student shouldn’t be relied upon completely as not all countries permit a student to do so and if they do it is either for a limited duration, usually 20 hours a week, which may not fetch you enough money to finance your education. Moreover, it is not necessary that you may find a job immediately post migration.



Almost all the first-world countries that provide quality cold have weather extremities and remain cold for a longer duration. Countries like Canada, America and UK have a harsh and dry winter. Some parts do experience moderate climate, therefore, if the minus degree weather gives you a tough time; you must look for a rather moderate option. Although, these countries are developed enough to ease the situation indoors but outdoors may still pose a challenge.



If you go to a country to study with the prospect of seeking employment thereafter, you must read and understand the law related to the work visa provided after completing your degree and the time granted after it. You should also research the employment opportunities in the field you are willing to pursue your education in.

Further, in the long run if your plan is to settle down then you must check whether the country has a favorable immigration policy or not.